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Being ‘Famous For Fabrics’ means we constantly search for interesting and innovative materials that look and feel fabulous, it all started with our Macaroni fabric in 1993, slow-spun for more fun. We now want to become ‘famous for sustainable fabrics’ and this season launch our Tencel, Linen and Bamboo ranges.

We don’t claim to be a 100% sustainable brand from top to tail yet - but we do believe there’s a better way of doing things. An approach that will have benefits for everyone – for us, for you, for our partners and their employees, for our products and all our futures.

We are constantly looking to improve on our environmental footprint, from introducing new sustainable fabrics, to working with greener suppliers and reducing the amount of plastic we use. There is still a lot to do, but the future is definitely looking more fish friendly.

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From Trees To Fabric

Super comfy, beautifully cool to wear and biodegradable, Tencel™ fabrics are made from wood pulp from fast growing trees. The process that goes into making this more sustainable fabric has won Tencel™ a European Award for the Environment.

Nothing goes to waste

There is a reason this material has been around for so many years, loved by the Egyptians for its anti-microbial properties, it is one of the world’s strongest natural fibres so it lasts longer, plus being made from the incredibly versatile flax plant, nothing goes to waste.

What can we do with just bamboo?

This fast-growing, replenishable grass doesn’t require pesticides, is cut not uprooted so it’s kinder to the soil and biodegradable. Its fibres can be spun and woven into a super soft fabric that’s kind to skin, has great UV protection, moisture management and thermal control properties.

Wear it, wash it, love it, repeat.

The opposite of fast-fashion, our unique Macaroni™ fabric is slow spun for more fun! Long lasting wash after wash, with no need to iron, this triple twist yarn is the legacy of Weird Fish and will be with us for years to come.

The only way is ethics...

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