Terms & Conditions

Only valid for orders placed from Thursday 27th March to Monday 01st April (Inclusive)

Voucher to be sent on Tuesday 7th May by email

Voucher can only be redeemed redeemed From Tuesday 7th May to Friday 7th June (Inclusive)

Voucher will expire on Saturday 8th June and can not be extended – It is the customer responsibility to use the voucher in this period

Voucher can only be used on the Weird Fish website https://www.weirdfish.co.uk/ or in one of our own stores https://www.weirdfish.co.uk/help/find-a-store

Only qualifing orders will get a e-gift voucher – EG if a customer returns an order then the the e-gift voucher will not be issued

Online customers MUST be opted in to receive emails to get the e-gift voucher

Store customers MUST supply their email address to the stores teams and be opted in to receive marketing communications to receive the e-gift voucher

E-gift vouchers are non-refundable and do not have a monetary value for exchange

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