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Bamboo, a brilliant earth-friendly fibre that is soft, cosy, and ideal for the autumn months. This season's blissful bamboo collection is full of rich autumnal tones and all your wardrobe essentials from sweatshirts, dresses, joggers and more, you’ll find everything you need this season.

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Bamboo clothing is an excellent choice for when the weather starts to get a little chillier as bamboo is thermo-regulating, breathable and the natural fibre is kind to the skin.

Bamboo is a highly sustainable fabric choice due to its ability to naturally replenish at a rapid rate. Unlike other materials used for clothes making such as cotton, bamboo requires very little irrigation, no pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo fabric creates super soft, comfortable and strong material great to wear every day with a host load of benefits that you can check out below!

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Bamboo grows at a rate of 12 inches a day and replenishes rapidly. It requires less water and no pesticide than traditional fabrics.

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In the colder months, you want to stay as warm as possible. Bamboo fabric is naturally thermo regulating, so you will never find yourself feeling too cold.

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Bamboo viscose is naturally resistant to UV rays that can damage the skin.

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This fabrics natural construction makes it a great breathable fabric to wear every day.

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Kind to the skin, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and super soft, keeping your skin happy.

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Durable, strong and super soft, this fibre results in long lasting clothing you will be able to enjoy in years to come.

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Bacteria naturally sits on the skin and when we sweat can increase or result in odour. Bamboo naturally repels odour meaning your clothes stay fresh for longer.

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Got the cold sweats? When we are cold, we shiver and that is our bodies way of warming up, but it can also make you get a little sweaty. Bamboo naturally manages moisture, absorbing it, keeping your clothes and you drier for longer – it makes it a great choice for sweaty morning runs too!


Bamboo is an amazing fabric, kinder on you with its super soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, uv resistant and moisture absorbing properties, making it perfect for active wear. You can also feel great about wearing bamboo, as is kinder to the planet. Bamboo is fast growing, with less water usage and no pesticides.

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A crew neck sweatshirt is a must-have when the weather turns chilly. Great to pop over your favourite Weird Fish tee, the Hadrian bamboo crew neck sweatshirt is guaranteed to keep you snug as a bug when you’re out on your adventures!

Nothing screams comfort more than a cosy pair of bamboo jogging bottoms. The Valens cuffed pants are designed with life in mind. Great to wear at home or out and about, the Valens are versatile and a staple in every man’s wardrobe.

Made for cosy days, the Skyla bamboo dress is one of our favourite lazy day styles. Designed for ease our bamboo dress has a snug, yet comfortable fit, with a large kangaroo pocket a hood and long sleeves, the Skyla will be your go-to this season.

The perfect companion for that chilly morning dog walk, school runs and late-night jogs, the Zeno bamboo hoodie! We just love the graphic print on the chest that embodies nature in an artistic and creative style.

There is nothing better than a versatile popover, and, our Indira bamboo cropped sweatshirt is no exception. This cowl neck style sweatshirt is great to wear on the way to the gym or on your way to the sofa.

Make it Myla! The loungewear your wardrobe has been dreaming of. The Myla bamboo trousers are an everyday hero. Comfortable, classic and shaped by their rollover waistband and cuffed hems, these bamboo trousers are exactly what you need to stay comfy and trendy this autumn.

A twist on a plain tee, the Andros bamboo t-shirt is great year-round. With the added benefits of bamboo, this eco-friendly t-shirt is good for your skin and the environment.

This is just a taster of our new sustainable bamboo collection, check out the full range here.

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