Spring Greens

Spring Greens: Print Story

The days are getting longer, the bees are waking up, and our gardens are coming to life. Spring is here. We’re the sort of people that spend as much time in the outside as possible. Some of us gardening, others sitting back with a cold drink as we escape from the daily grind. We find that when you take the time to switch off and relax, inspiration strikes…

Our new Spring Greens print came from planting the perfect spring border. Tulips, aquilegia, ranunculus, narcissus, pansies, candelabra primrose fill our gardens with a bouquet of reds, fuschia, lilacs and tangerines. We wanted to use this vibrancy to capture the essence of spring.

As much as we love all these spring hues, we wanted one strong background colour to make this print easy to wear. Green is vibrant, full of life, and a perfect choice as we move into warmer days.

Then inspired by early blooming flowers found in spring borders, we decided to have the flower outlines in a fresh white complete with some subtle, yellow detailing.

Take a leaf out of our book and opt for some effortless outfitting thanks to our Spring Greens print.

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