Nice and Nautical Clothing

Stripes, the perfect homage to the sailor at sea. Perfect for every occasion, stripey clothing can provide a classic everyday look, no matter the season.

There are two types of striped patterns you will see; horizontal stripes and vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes can act as an illusion of creating a slimmer silhouette, whilst vertical stripes provide a classic look.

Here are a few ways you can take on that striped t-shirt!

The Perfect Pair – A classic striped tee and a pair of denim jeans.

The perfect combination for Men and Women is simply pairing a striped tee, jumper or shirt with a pair of denim jeans! It creates the perfect casual look suited to a variety of occasions; a walk in the park, a drink down the local pub, you can wear it anywhere! Spice it up with jewellery, a jacket or a belt!

The Dungaree Dress – A fun and flirty look!

Great for all seasons, a denim or cord dungarees dress looks fantastic with a long sleeve striped t-shirt, or a short-sleeved tee on those warmer summer days. It gives a playful feel to a classic look, plus a dungaree dress is a staple!

Summer Fun –Shorts scream summer.

Shorts whether they are denim or cargo shorts are the ideal item to pair with a striped polo shirt or t-shirt. Great for Men and Women alike, shorts are great for those warmer days!

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