National Get Outside Day

National GetOutside Day

In Association with Ordnance Survey
Sunday 29th September 2019

With our love of the outdoors it made perfect sense for us to team up with Ordnance Survey on their National GetOutside Day campaign; but what’s it all about we hear you cry!

As expected, it is about getting outside and discovering the best Britain has to offer and the benefits that outdoor activity can bring. For those who don’t know Ordnance Survey (or the OS for short), are a historic mapping company, starting with creating paper maps dating back to the 1860s they are now firming placed in the 21st Century with services such as digital map data, online route planning, sharing services and mobile apps. Their geographic data is so vast, they have mapped every fixed physical object in Great Britain to within one metre of accuracy, which is incredible. So they are perfectly placed to give advice and guidance to help you plan the ideal routes to take on your walks and hikes.

The OS have some great advice on how to plan for a long distance walk, consider the following;


Plan Your Route:

There are thousands of well-trodden walks and trails across the country, so you can start small in your local area by using the OS’s Explore Near Me function on their website: Just type in where you want to start and how long you have, they will offer some suggested routes for you, easy.

If you are feeling a little more free-spirited why not head to an area with signposted public footpaths and just following the little acorn symbols on the signs, you might find some new areas near you, you never knew of.

How to Get Home:

If you are following a planned route which is not circular, you might want to investigate where the closest public transport is available to your end point (don’t forget your wallet), or you might want to arrange for someone to pick you up at the end. Ideally plan a circular route and you can just arrive back at your original transport.


What to Bring:

It is always advised to check the weather forecast before you head out so you can plan your clothing and equipment. Always make sure you have comfortable shoes or boots. Wearing sunscreen is always a good idea even if it isn’t the height of summer. A lightweight, fully waterproof jacket, a hat, and sunglasses are a good choice. Then in the winter it is good to opt for a packaway wadded jacket, gloves and a scarf. For a full list of essentials to bring and more info visit the OS website.


Not Just About Walks:

This campaign is not just about walking, there are so many things you can take part in outdoors, from fruit picking and visiting historical monuments, to camping and playing in a local green space with friends; we have given you our Top 10 favourites which you can read about.


Good for Your Health:

The outdoors isn’t just fun it is also good for your wellbeing.

Increases in vitamin D:
Which is good for your bones, it can help protect against various cancers, it can help elevate symptoms of depression and help towards weight loss goals.

Boosts your mood:
Natural light works wonders in elevating your mood and creativity.

Helps concentration:
A quick outdoor stroll can improve your alertness by increasing the blow flow around your body and can help boost concentration.

Improves anxiety:
Shifting your view of manmade urban areas to nature can help alleviate stress and help you to sleep better.


Competition Time

To mark this day we are introducing a T-Shirt design competition for the public to help us to design a T-Shirt with an Outdoors theme. We want you to draw, paint or digitally create a design reflecting the theme of getting outdoors and post them on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #WFGetOutside We are giving you until the National GetOutside Day 29th September 2019 to get your entries in. For full details see our competition page here.

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