Cider Making

It is no lie that we enjoy a tipple at Weird Fish, and we know you guys do too. With the pubs closed for months and supermarket queues being so long, we have been thinking about inventive ways to get hold of that drink of choice, how about making it yourself we ask? There are a few options, such as the total DIY method, getting a kit. We like this one from Vigo Presses which has its own, old-timely apple press for an authentic experience, great if you have access to some wind fallers of your own. Or how about making a day of it with the help of some professionals, by going on a course such as this one from The Cider & Perry Academy?

Harvest Time

Harvest Festival is the time of year to be thankful to nature and all the food it brings us, traditionally it would be the time farmers harvest their crops and celebrate with a big feast, not that we need an excuse to eat, drink and be merry. So pop to the harvest fare to pick up those preserves, pumpkins and pies and enjoy what the season has to offer.


We love an excuse to go camping any time of year, but Autumn is especially enjoyable. The tourist hotspots that were overcrowded over the summer holidays are now quieter. You still get lovely light evenings, but with the slightly cooler weather, you don’t wake up in a hot sweaty mess in your tent. Enjoy a slow morning, wrapped up in a blanket with a brew, while you sizzle some sausages on a camp stove. Our grid fleeces make for great camping gear, they are lightweight but keep in the warmth, plus they don’t crease, winner! Try the Rossten for men or the Beyonce for women.

Paddle Boarding

img_3180 (1).png
Just because Autumn is calling this doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to traditional summer activities, the sea and rivers can be at their warmest at this time of year, after they have spent all summer absorbing the hot sun. Our designer Sophie has been making the most of our parent’s house on the river Wye over the last few months and has even been joined by her lovely dog Lottie. A fitting activity for the person that actually designed our Battersea charity T-Shirt SUP Dog.


Autumn a great time for foraging, with a huge amount of natural treats on offer, from fungi to a plethora of different berries and tree fruit. Although it is a fun outdoor activity for the whole family, it is always best to check you are 100% before popping anything in your mouth, Countryfile have some great hints and tips on their website. It is also conker season, and we all know what that means…bruised knuckles!


You could use your newfound foraging skills for this one, with goodies such as blackberries, chestnuts and hazelnuts in abundance, cakes and biscuits could be on the menu. As the evenings start to darken and the rain sets in, what better way to spend a soggy Sunday then whipping up a tasty sponge or some jam tarts, and then scoffing them down with a giant mug of tea? Bring on the thunderclouds, we can’t wait to get stuck in! If you’re after inspiration, you can’t go wrong with Mary’s apple pie recipe.


bikes copy.png
Fun, free and a great way to get about. Cycling is always a winner, a great way to enjoy some of the other activities on this list. Pop a basket on the front, take a trip through a local wood to see the leaves change, and fill up your basket with some foraged goodies. Our hoodies or long sleeve T-Shirts are great choices for Autumn, just enough coverage for if it gets chilly, but not too bulky so you don’t get hot.

Watching the Leaves

You know Autumn’s calling when the leaves start to change colour, it is probably the phenomenon we associate the most with this time of year. Is there anything better than a crisp, bright, dry Autumn day, running through a pile of leaves? No, just us? Well we are sure everyone can appreciate the beauty of nature, and a good excuse to take yourself for a walk to see the leaves changing. Make it arty by taking some snaps, or pick up some of your favourite leaves to make a picture or a Autumnal display in your home. For a magical experience, check out Westonbirt National Arboretum.


There is still plenty of gardening to be done in the Autumn, this is the perfect time of year to get certain veg in the ground for next Spring. Leafy veg such as spinach & cabbage, peas and broad beans can be planted to establish over the winter (just cover them over when it gets frosty) Where as veg such as radishes and turnips can go in the ground now for a yield later this year, spot on. Check out Gardeners' World for a full list of good planting for September.

Go Ape

When you think of Autumn, you think of trees, and what a great way to experience Autumn but actually up in the trees! If you are feeling brave and fancy something a bit different from a day out, try Go Ape. With plenty of locations across the country, find your nearest woodland adventure and conquer some heights, while enjoying your foliage surroundings.