10 Reasons to Shop at Weird Fish

We shouldn’t need to convince you on why you should shop with us, but if you need a little nudge in the right direction, why not check out our Top Ten Reasons to Shop at Weird Fish.

In no particular order…

1) Recycled Fabrics

In our efforts to become a sustainable fashion brand, we have introduced recycle fabrics into our well-know and well-loved Macaroni Jumpers. We continue to push the boundaries to make our business more sustainable and one of the ways we are doing this is where possible, replacing fabrics with recycled versions, for example, using recycled polyester in our Eco-Mac Collection.

Check out our exclusive Eco-Mac Jumpers and Hoodies

2) Eco-Friendly Products

We are still working on producing more sustainable products and fabrics. After the success of our eco-friendly ranges such as our bamboo clothing range and moving to more organic fabrics, we are continuing to try and make our ranges as sustainable as possible. We offer a range of sustainable clothing lines such as our linen clothing range, 100% organic cotton t-shirts, linen clothing and tencel clothing

Shop our Bamboo Clothing.

3) Our Sustainable Future

We are always working on ways to make Weird Fish a more sustainable fashion company, from where our clothes are produced, the materials they are made of and making changes in our head office such as no wasteful electric use. By the end of 2021, we hope to be 70% sustainable. Find out more about our sustainability efforts on our Only Way is Ethics page.

4) Casual Clothing at its Best

At Weird Fish, we genuinely believe that casual clothing should be affordable, good quality and long-wearing. We like to believe you can Wear the Weekend every day of the week, whether its while you’re at work, walking the dog or having a drink in the local pub, we have got you covered!

5) Inclusive Sizing

We offer a large range of sizes in menswear and womenswear, as we believe that casual clothing is something we should all enjoy no matter our shape or size!

You can find out more by viewing our size guide, you can also use our Fit Finder while browsing our products to see what size will fit you best.

6) Hassle-Free Returns

Sometimes a product isn’t what you wanted, or the colour doesn’t suit you. If you want a hassle-free return and an easy exchange for a product that is in a different colour or size, you can simply return your item and we will do the rest! Find out more about our hassle-free returns here.

7) We are Social

We are a fun and social bunch at Weird Fish and you can often find us sharing interesting facts about our eco-friendly clothing, new product ranges and sales on our social media.

8) Part of the Shoal

In the words of Sister Sledge, we are family. From those who work in HQ, produce our products and our shoppers, we like to think of you as part of the shoal; our Weird Fish family.

9) Discounts and Offers

Much like you, we are a huge fan of saving money on good quality clothing. Whether you are after menswear or womenswear, we have exclusive offers available. From our partnership with Teacher Perks, or the 20% off code you will receive when you sign up to our email list and exclusive VIP email offers, we love to save you money on our fantastic range of casual clothing for men and women.

10) Charity

Not only do we make you feel good in the clothes you wear, we often partner with charities, such as RSPB and raise vital funds to help them continue their work through are iconic artist men’s graphic tees

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