Cotton is a natural, renewable & biodegradable fibre, which has been used for over 7000 years. Organic cotton farming avoids any use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers so it is better for the soil and limits ground water pollution. Better soil means water can be absorbed more efficiently, and organic cotton uses 80% rainwater instead of irrigated water used by other farming methods. Plus the absence of harsh chemicals reduces the creation of greenhouse gasses by 94% compared to conventional cotton production. We have made the switch on many of our best-selling lines, with plans to make even more of our garments with organic cotton in the future. Just another leap towards our aim of becoming more sustainable.

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The use of chemical pesticides for fertilisers is banned in organic cotton farming, limiting water and soil pollution. Better soil means water is absorbed more easily, and 80% of the water used is straight from the sky in rainwater.

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Because no chemicals are used in the farming of organic cotton, your skin isn’t exposed to toxins which could irritate it.

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Cotton is a natural fibre which is renewable and biodegradable so when these clothes come to the end of their life, they won’t pollute the planet.

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Due to the banning of chemicals organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton farming.

The Starshine dress has been an ever popular Weird Fish staple for many years now, so with thousands sold every year it was the obvious choice to be top of our list to go organic. Made from 100% organic cotton but cut across the weave to give a little stretch, so this fastening free dress fits like a dream. 

Another Weird Fish best-selling design is the Pinto ¾ sleeve T-Shirt. With its wide neck, soft curved hem and side vents, this top is super-flattering, and now it feels as good on your conscience as it does your body.

As well as our well-known Weird Fish favourites, we have also introduced brand new styles into our organic cotton range. Such as all the rugby tops in our Touchline Winners range, like the Highton here. Featuring all the great attributes of a classic rugby top, with the added benefits of organic cotton.

We couldn’t miss out our famous Artist T-Shirt range. They have been with us from the beginning and it is only fitting to put them at the front of our fight for a more sustainable future, by making them from 100% organic cotton.