We are super happy to announce that we have now nearly swapped all of our standard cotton products to organic cotton! At Weird Fish, our aim is for 90% of our product ranges to be made from sustainably sourced materials by 2026.

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The use of chemical pesticides for fertilisers is banned in organic cotton farming, limiting water and soil pollution. Better soil means water is absorbed more easily, and 80% of the water used is straight from the sky in rainwater.

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Because no chemicals are used in the farming of organic cotton, your skin isn’t exposed to toxins which could irritate it.

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Cotton is a natural fibre which is renewable and biodegradable so when these clothes come to the end of their life, they won’t pollute the planet.

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Due to the banning of chemicals organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton farming.

Pinto Top

Wear the Pinto top with our Rini organic cotton jeans for a relaxed, casual look you can rock season after season.

Starshine Dress

An all in one outfit that is perfect for brunch with the girls, the school run and all your daily adventures.

Delray Dress

The long sleeve dress of your dreams, the Delray is a must-have in your cold-weather wardrobe.


Do it all Denim

Our denim range is now made from organic cotton! Super soft, functional and can be worn day-in-day-out, you will continue to enjoy our organic denim jeans for years to come.

Only Organic

There is nothing better than a super soft, environmentally kind and hardwearing organic cotton t-shirt or shirt! This environmentally kind fibre is a fantastic alternative to conventional cotton as it requires less water, no harsh chemicals and is long lasting!

Palmer Henley

Unwind in the comfortable and relaxed Henley long sleeve top. This casual Henley top is great to wear with denim jeans out on country walks and relaxing in front of the fire.

Montery Shirt

Made for every day, the Montery check shirt is versatile, durable and classic in style. It is an excellent extra layer during the colder months.

Artist Tees

A new year means new and exclusive artist t-shirts are coming your way! Some of our latest styles will provide a barrel of laughs!