It all began in 1993, when we discovered a collection of redundant circular knitting machines in the corner of a Turkish factory. It was clear these machines had the potential to create something very special that no one else could. Named after the type of pasta it resembled, the Macaroni™ was born!

Women's Macaroni™ Men's Macaroni™

Heritage Heroes

Our hard wearing, triple twist yarn fabric is a firm favourite, loved for its comfort, relaxed style and worn-in, pre-grooved look. Thirty years after it's inception in 1993, our Macaroni™ collection has evolved into a full range of styles and colours. Plus, they are made from an eco-friendly blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton, making them sustainable as well.

Recycled Polyester is making waves as it turns pre-existing plastics such as that water bottle you used at a festival a lifetime ago into your new Weird Fish favourite. Using more recycled polyester rather than traditional polyester, reduces landfill, which means less soil contamination, air and water pollution.

The choice to pick an organic cotton item of clothing is an easy one when you know there are no toxic chemicals used to grow the cotton. It doesn’t damage the soil and uses 88% less water than regular cotton and 62% less energy, so you can look and feel great knowing you’re doing good for the planet.

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The Classic Mac

Sontee Full Zip, Aria 1/4 Zip, Transom Full Zip, Stern 1/4 Zip

The Classic Mac

The Classic Mac is a total wardrobe essential. Whether you’re walking the dog, enjoying a ramble along the coast or having a pint at the pub, our Macaroni™ jumpers will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the seasons.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Our Classic Mac is the total opposite of fast fashion, as it is hard wearing and durable, so will last wash after wash.

Women's Classic Macaroni™ Men's Classic Macaroni™

The Hooded Mac

Weylin Full Zip

The Hooded Mac

A Hooded Mac is a fantastic alternative to a jacket and is ideal for days where the weather is difficult to navigate. This Macaroni™ jumper can guide you through the transitional days where Autumn becomes Winter and Winter becomes Spring.

WHY WE LOVE IT: This Macaroni™ has all the benefits of our Classic Mac but with a full zip and hood, perfect for windy and rainy days.

Women's Hooded Macaroni™

The Tech Mac

Berhan Full Zip, Caddis 1/4 Zip

The Tech Mac

A more technical version of our classic Macaroni™, the Tech Mac has a few added features which make this perfect for your adventures in the great outdoors. With zipped pockets, bungy cord zip pulls as well as a fleece lined collar and cuffs, once this practical Mac makes it to your wardrobe, you won't be without it.

WHY WE LOVE IT: The fleece lined collar and cuffs make this tech savvy sweater a cosy and comfortable wardrobe winner.

Berhan Full Zip Macaroni™ Caddis 1/4 Zip Macaroni™

Looking after people and the planet is at the heart of what we do. We use sustainably sourced fabrics and ethical factories with environmentally friendly processes wherever we can.

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