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We want to celebrate everything about this wonderful little group of islands we call the UK. Did you know there are over 130 inhabited islands in the UK?! We know right, amazing! There is so much to explore and appreciate, with everything going on this year it is time to look closer to home and enjoy everything we have on our own doorstep. So from the Shetland islands to St Agnes, wherever you are, we are searching for the best way to enjoy your little slice of island paradise this year.


Wild Swimming
Isle of Skye

You must be a little wild yourself to get into wild swimming, well brave enough to put up with the invigoratingly cold water anyway. There are many benefits to plunging yourself into cold water, not to mention how connected to nature it makes you feel. There are plenty of spots around the UK you can take a dunk, we love the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye. There is a bit of a walk to get to them, but all the best things are a little out of the way. Need some swimmers? We have these bright and cheery Cork board shorts for your dip, just be mindful of currents, and shallow water, and always take a buddy to make sure you stay safe. 



June is usually pleasant weather wise, and the best time of the year for a picnic, hence the perfect placing of National Picnic week 22nd – 28th June. There are no real rules when it comes to picnics, it can be as simple as nibbling a couple of sandwiches on rug, or going the whole hog with a smorgasbord of goodies, why not get cheffy and try your hand at a picnic loaf? While you really can picnic in your back garden if you like, we love Pendennis Point in Falmouth, with views of rivers, the sea, a lighthouse and a castle, it will be a feast for the eyes as well as your belly. Plus you can pop in to visit our Falmouth store(reopening soon) on the way and try our new print Paw Paw T-Shirt.
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Bird Watching

We don’t just love things that live in the sea, since our partnership with the RSPB started in 2015, we are pretty fond of things that fly too. Did you know the UK has over 600 species of birds? Norfolk is well known as an excellent area for bird watching so you can have a go at ticking some of them off your list. You can also find the lesser spotted Weird Fish Spalding store (reopening soon) in this area, so pay us a visit so you can tick that off your list, and grab an RSPB charity T-Shirt too. 


Bike Riding
Isle of Wight

There is a long list of things to do and places to see on the Isle of Wight, at 22 miles across it isn’t the biggest of the UK islands, but it is one of the most beautiful. One of the best ways to see it is by bike, with many places to rent such as Wight Cycle Hire if you don’t have your own. From Yarmouth you couldfollow the coast to Freshwater Bay, stopping to admire the beaches on the way. Wight Cycle hire have a great list of route suggestions. Need some suitable attire? Try going coast to coast in our WF Tours T-Shirt or check out our bamboo active life range.
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Rock Pooling
East Yorkshire

We obviously have a love all of things marine with a name like Weird Fish, and where better to search for weird fish but in rock pools. How about South Landing Beach in East Yorkshire? This is such a fun day out for the whole family, all you need is a bucket. Just submerge the bucket gently into the water and see what you bring out; Crabs, seaweed, tiny fish, all kinds of critters, don’t forget to gently return anything to where you found it, and be sure to check the tide times so you don’t get caught out. While out for the day you can pop to our Scarborough store (reopening soon) to say hello and possible purchase a coastal inspired Judy Sweatshirt, for your next beach adventure. 


Fossil Hunting
The Jurassic Coast

For something a little different how about some fossil hunting, a good way to stretch your legs, get out on the coast, and learn a little about history and geology. The most famous area to find this stoney treasure is the cleverly named Jurassic Coast, which stretches from Exmouth to Studland Bay in Dorset. A good spot for beginners is Charmouth just take a walk along the beach and keep your eyes peeled. Our Weymouth store (reopening soon) isn’t too far away if you need to pick up a Brawn cap to keep the sun off your head while you do it. 



Foraging can be fun, whether you are a serious foodie, planning culinary treats with what you find, or just someone who appreciates the sites and smells of some of the wonderful kitchen garden that is the British countryside. If you are planning to eat anything, be 100% sure what you have picked is safe, or better yet book yourself on a day out with a professional with someone like Tudor Farm House in Gloucestershire. They will be able to educate you on what is and isn’t safe to consume, and how to prepare it too, tasty! If you are in this neighbourhood you could always pop to our Gloucester Quays store (reopening soon) and forage for some new togs, such as our Mirren dress.


Paddle Boarding
Isle of Man

A fun activity for any season but it is especially enjoyable in the spring, get out on the sea or river for a spot of stand-up paddle boarding. Saltworks SUP on the Isle of Man offer a great day out with all the kit included. Explore the coastline and you might be lucky enough to spot a seal or too! Keep the sun off your shoulders with our new fish print Swirl T-Shirt, while you are out for a long day on the sea.
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When you are surrounded by water fishing makes an obvious choice as a hobby, and where better than on the Isle of Anglesey? Pollock, ray, wrasse, whiting, there is a long list of fish you might snag in this picturesque island. You don’t generally need a fishing licence when sea fishing, but it is always best to check with the local authority in the area you visit. After a long day on the water fishing you can wear your fish in the form of the new Hagan sweatshirt. 


Lake District 

Whether you are a seasoned Nordic pole hiker, or just out for a walk with the dogs, the Lake District is one of the most mesmerizing places to explore when you are out for the day. With its 16 lakes of various sizes, and rolling countryside there is always something new to see, as well as spotting teams of wildlife along the way. If the weather has gotten a bit cooler, pop into our Keswick store (reopening soon) to pick up a pair of our new Blondie leggings, their added stretch make them a comfortable option for long walks. 
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