Whether you’re a cat cuddler, dog person or a (Weird) Fish lover, our work with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is helping animals in need.

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Battersea has been rescuing and rehoming animals since 1860 and has become one of the most well-known animal welfare charities in the UK. Originally set up to help dogs living on the streets of London, they have now recruited over 1,000 volunteers, and have patrons including Paul O’Grady and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall.

Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, care for thousands of animals every year, that is a lot of mouths to feed, vet visits and animals to rehome. Since 2017, Weird Fish has raised over £83,000 by collaborating on dog-inspired tee’s, with £5 + VAT from each sale going directly to Battersea.

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Eat, Sleep, Walk, Repeat T-Shirt

The first Artist t-shirt in partnership with Battersea came from a social media competition run by Weird Fish, where we asked the public to send in dog-inspired t-shirt ideas, with the winner’s t-shirt a cartoon version of their own furry friend. Our winner Faith Smith’s dog Mani was the star of our Eat, Sleep, Walk, Repeat t-shirt.

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Over the years, our charity Battersea artist t-shirts have taken inspiration from your favourite bands, TV shows and movies, from the Rolling Bones, to Indiana Bones, there is a shirt for you and your passions. We have created a total of 9 unique t-shirts with Battersea, some of our old favourites include the Bark Knight and the Game of Bones.

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The partnership has helped animals in need get the love and care they need. We are proud to have worked with Battersea for so many years on our funny and punny t-shirts, raising money to help support them, one t-shirt at a time! Committed to finding every dog and cat a loving home, it is no wonder we have enjoyed working with this wonderful charity for so many years.

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Battersea is a registered charity in England and Wales, charity no. 206394.


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