Cotton is a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre. Organic cotton farming avoids the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers, so it is better for the soil and limits ground water pollution by using 80% rainwater instead of irrigated water used by other farming methods.

It doesn’t damage the soil and uses 88% less water than regular cotton and 62% less energy, so you can look and feel great knowing you’re doing good for the planet. We have made the switch on many of our best-selling lines, with plans to make even more of our garments with organic cotton in the future. Just another leap towards our aim of becoming more sustainable.

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The use of chemical pesticides for fertilisers is banned in organic cotton farming, limiting water and soil pollution. Better soil means water is absorbed more easily, and 80% of the water used is straight from the sky in rainwater.

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Because no chemicals are used in the farming of organic cotton, your skin isn’t exposed to toxins which could irritate it.

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Cotton is a natural fibre which is renewable and biodegradable so when these clothes come to the end of their life, they won’t pollute the planet.

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Due to the banning of chemicals organic cotton produces 94% less greenhouse gasses than conventional cotton farming.

Perfect Prints

We are known for our vibrant, unique prints and the Tallahassee and Parma dresses are perfect for adding a splash of colour to your wardrobe.

There’s a reason the Tallahassee dress is one of our bestsellers. This universally flattering, comfortable and casual dress is ideal for all your summer plans. The thick, organic cotton is eco-friendly and super high quality, so you can look and feel good for every occasion.

Our Parma organic cotton maxi dress is a summer staple. The unique cheesecloth is a lightweight, crinkly fabric and is perfect for packing in your suitcase. We love the features of this printed maxi dress, it's ideal for those hot, sunny days.

Tropical Rainas

Feel like something is missing from your summer wardrobe? Our Rainas resort shirt features a colourful tropical print and is a must-have for those who love something a little different. Wear with your favourite shorts and flip flops for the ultimate holiday-ready look.

Organic Olli

The Olli is a casual day dress made from rich and soft organic cotton. Featuring a round neckline, classic seaside stripes, t-shirt roll sleeves and a drawstring waist, the Olli is perfect to wear every day with flip flops or pumps.

Classic Stripes

A classic short sleeve rugby shirt that you can wear to the game or to the pub. Featuring an all-over striped pattern, embroidered logo on chest, side vents and branded buttons. This Weird Fish rugby shirt will make you feel like part of the shoal.

Heritage T-Shirts

Back by popular demand, we have brought out a range of ‘Heritage’ t-shirts using our best-loved designs. Made from rich organic cotton, these t-shirts are premium quality and will last you a lifetime. These iconic t-shirts have been with us since 1993 and they are how we got our name. With a mix of front and back prints across the range, and every design featuring that famous Weird Fish tongue in cheek whit, there is a design for everyone out there.

Surfs Up

Bring the beach to you with our fun Board Master t-shirt, featuring a mix of applique and printed chest graphic. The organic cotton will keep you cool on those long hot sunny days, whether you are by the sea or land locked.