Reviews of Maple 1/4 Zip Active Macaroni Pale Denim

Lovely top just been sent wrong size twice not packers fault label says correct size just inside jumper is marked wrong




The quality of your products is not as good as it used to be. The two holes in the sleeves that fit over the thumbs are different sizes - one much longer than the other - and they are not lined up - one (ironically the shorter of the 2) starts much higher up. Very disappointing. I expected better from your brand.


Excellent product, fits and feels lovely, feels good to wear.


I like this top - the weight, fit and shaping. But I clearly have longer arms than expected for my size as the thumb loops pull uncomfortably. I can't leave them unused, as it looks as though there's a hole in the sleeve - so I have sewn them up!! Sorted.


Like it but thought it was a bit over priced


Great colour, great fit, great service


I have this top in red, and now in blue as well, lovely comfortable piece of clothing


Being another new Macaroni knit sweatshirt I thought I'd give this a go. It's okay. The red is a nice colour but the grey nylon stretch panels are not very flattering on one as rotund as I and the top tends to ride up a bit, so I find myself pulling it down a lot. The most disappointing feature is the zip pockets, because the zips have sharp teeth and the teeth are not backed by any other material; so when you push your hand into either pocket it usually comes out with a little superficial scratch. Yes, it's a training top, I get that, but it does also need to be comfortable.


I’m a size 16 but ordered 18 and fits fab. Everyone like loves it


I love this top. Very good fit and a lovely colour.


Lovely colour, nice weight for being a bit more active in. Thumb holes were an unexpected bonus.


I really wanted to love this and on the whole it was good. Fitted nicely and was nice to try something which was not quite so warm that I could use while more active. The finish however has let this item down. The binding at the hem is quite chunky (which is not in itself bad) but whoever attached this managed to pull it out of shape while stitching and one side had a distinctive lift up skirt effect. I was so disappointed but I could not keep it, it just looked ridiculous and would have driven me mad. Nice try, not sure if I should try ordering again.


Good fit, true to size.


Top was a bit smaller and thinner material than my other 'macaroni' tops. Still very soft and comfy though


Good quality and good fit


A definite five out of five. My first purchase from them, but defiantly NOT my last! The jacket fits perfectly, the fabric is great, size spot on and very smart and comfortable to wear.


Love this top. It’s ideal for activity as it’s not quite as thick as their other Macaroni tops. Smart and comfortable to wear.


Not lined but warm enough. comfy


A very comfortable wear, great quality.


Didn’t like the thumbholes


Slim fit, which is what I wanted. Lovely colour. I am very pleased with this light fleece.


Much thinner material than i expected and i have actually received a full zip not 1/4zip top .


Excellent garment, good quality as always


Lovely colour and fit


Light weight top. Ideal for cooler summer days. Good fit and colour true to website picture.


Love it great top


Love it great top


Great top very fitting.