Reviews of Wrays Cord Check Shirt Chilli Pepper

Smart & comfortable


Looked great but small not the xxl at all sending back


Great fit, good fine needle cord.


Great for this time of year


Lovely texture Good quality


Looks good , fits well, washes & irons well too


Lovely shirt. Fits as expected. Good quality garment. Thank you


Size not as said ,have bought 4xl in sweatshirts and they are perfect fit but the shirts are tight


I have purchased many T-Shirts of 3XL size. all are good fit. One of this company's commercial strengths is they manufacture products for larger people. Before purchasing this shirt I checked the size guide and deemed 3XL to be the right size. However, upon receipt it was too small. I'd suggest a 'size' consistency is needed across their range of products.


great shirt, a little smaller than average, not a true 5xl


Excellent quality and fit.


A good quality item


Love this shirt


Excellent quality, would highly recommend.


XL is geen continentale XL, ruilen is mogelijk, verzendkosten voor rekening klant, erg kostbaar


Favourite shirt ever.


Lovely colours..good fit


A bit darker than I would like but good quality product.


I want to say from the start that I was until very recently a HUGE fan of Weird Fish and I own a lot of their clothes so I am not just someone giving negative reviews for the sake of it. I have been buying from them each year since around 1994-1995 but that has now stopped. Prior to the last 4 - 5 years Weird Fish made good, reall great clothes. They were of high build and cloth quality, nearly all nautral fibres such as cotton and you could rely on their sizes to fit each and every time. Their styling was slanted towards the surfer and outdoors lifestyles and they were NOT a fashion brand, they were a good decent brand that you could rely on who could rightly claim to be eco friendly without even having to. Fast forward to today and that has completely changed, every thing has a cheap and nasty feel to it. Thier cloth is now thin and cheaply bought low quality often using a mix of cotton and increasing amounts man made fibre. The stitching quality is hit and miss and as for the sizing / fit, well any standards have been discarded. My most recent purchase was thier mens Wrays Cord Check Shirt Chilli Pepper which they say is 100% cotton cord anmd yes the check pattern is really nice but that is all that is nice. I take a UK XXL, large shoulders and chest, but wierd fishes 2XL are so stupidly small I have to order a larger size. Sometimes one of thier 3XL's fit but more often than not I have to order a 4XL which is crazy - where are the sizing standards? So I ordered two of the Wrays Cord Check Shirts, one a 3XL & the other a 4XL. The 3XL was a snug fit and the sleeves were just over 2 inches too short (I measured them). The 4XL was like wearing a tent, too big in the body and shapeless plus the sleeves were and inch too short. The size and neck line of the 3XL was big enough that when fastened to the top button I could fit my arm in along with my neck and when wearing the 4XL I could have fitted a small tree trunk in along with my neck. Simply awlful and lazy design lacking in any thought what so ever. I have Cord shirts from other brands and Cord is supposed to be soft and comfortable next to the skin but this one from Weird Fish was scratchy and bunched up uncomfortably under the arms pits if I lifted my arms up any higher than chest height. The Cord on the outside while softish did not have the feel of cotton cord and over all the cloth just felt cheap. I highly doubt it would last more than a few years. This is a £45 shirt. there is NO EXCUSE. In thier latest catalogue Wierd Fish make much of becoming more eco sustainable and mixing more cotton with man made fibres but this is just cynical smoke and mirrors, do not be fooled by it. There is absolutely no excuse or need to use man made fiber, Hoodies and Fleeces were originally made using only cotton (a natural and sustainable material) yet thiers still have a high Polyester content. WEIRD FISH TAKE NOTE: if you want to truly be eco friendly STOP using ALL made made fibres and until you do any mention of false "half measures" is just a sales trick designed to sucker people into buying your terrible clothes. They were just as warm and lasted a lot longer. As an example I still have a couple 20 year old all cotton Macaronis that are worn almost weekly and they still look as good now as they did when I purchased them. They feel substantial to wear but without feeling heavy. I also have one of thier newer ones that feels thin and cheap, and after two years wear has started showing worn thread around the cuffs. I know the ownership of Wierd Fish changed some years ago and thats when it started to go down hill. Wierd Fish used to be a well respect Surf-ish / Outdoor brand up there with the likes of O'Neill and Billabong but now they are more akin to Primark and ASOS - low grade materials, cheaply made and sold at high profits.


Good quality product, perhaps a little too dark overall in appearance.