Reviews of Sprat Out Tall Organic Cotton Artist T-Shirt Black

very pleased, this is a great t.shirt my husband loves it,size just right and nice to have the extra length in the tall range quality as always


I was pleasantly surprised that the print on this tee shirt was so soft along with the cloth. Nice and long. Very comfortable.


It’s difficult to be positive to a brand that is trying to destroy its custom base. Finally I can get a T shirt that fits in length after the strange new midget sizing Weird Fish had started using. I had always purchased 2 or 3xl and they were the correct length. When they started to use the new sizing the t shirts were far to short it was almost like I was wearing a crop top. So the length is now good for the normal height guy. But what about the tall guys they are left out. The material is now so much cheaper and of a poor grade. I don’t feel they will retain the shape and last as long. If you hold it up you can see daylight through it. It’s rough and the collar doesn’t feel as if it will still retain its elasticity for very long. Such a shame, I hope I’m wrong in this but it seems weird fish is now after single sales and not returning customers with good customer feedback.