It started in 1993 with an idea to combine airbrushing techniques with a unique sense of humour. Hundreds of fishy designs later, our artists continue to create that distinctive Weird Fish look

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Richard Skipworth

Home town: Worcester.

Hobbies: Reading books on quantum physics.

Pets: A high-decibel ankle biting Jack Russell & a Greyhound.

What is your favourite Weird Fish T-Shirt and why? It's my Codzilla T-shirt. That was the design that won the Weird Fish "Design a T-Shirt" competition back in 2012. My wife Gill spotted the competition and suggested I enter, so I did! And I won! And then the lovely people from Weird Fish invited me to work for them. Waheyy!

How do you enjoy the weekend? Walking the hounds, eating out, reading, zombie-ing out in front of the telly...the usual non-stressful stuff, oh, and drawing cartoons.

Mike Robinson

Hometown: Bolton.

Hobbies: Blowing tiny clay discs out of the sky.

Pets: A small herd of semi aquatic creatures & a Jack Russell named Frank.

What is your favourite Weird Fish T-Shirt and why? I think my favourite design isn't an obvious one like 'The Da Vinci Cod' …it has to be 'Marsupial Mother'!

What gave you the inspiration to design this? The design probably came about whilst doodling and enjoying a few glasses of wine at the same time, it’s an excellent combination!

How do you enjoy the weekend? Now that would be telling.

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Tim Harries

Hometown: Newport, South Wales

Hobbies: Playing the ukulele. Endlessly scrolling through Netflix without actually watching anything.

Fave food: Cheese and ham sandwich.

Fave film: Miller’s Crossing, Carlito’s Way and The Thing.

Pets: None, unless you count free roaming slugs in the garden.

How do you enjoy the weekend? A bit of walking, listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Drawing if there's a deadline, and the occasional fry-up.

Do you have a favourite Weird Fish Artist T-Shirt design? I do like Game of Prawns.