Beach clean-ups aren’t just good for the environment and the species that live in it, but they are also a great social activity and a task you can do with friends and family.

Every September, as tourists pack their buckets and spades away, the Marine Conservation Society hold the Great British Beach Clean. This year’s event takes place between Friday 17th September 2021 to Sunday 26th September 2021.

The Marnie Conservation Society run a survey during this period where they ask participants to record all the items they find in a 100m stretch of beach. They collect this data to see how polluted our beaches are and the changes year on year. This data has been used to make a positive impact on people, politics and the planet. From banning micro-plastics and the 5p plastic bag charge, this data is making a difference!

Want to get involved? You can sign up for local beach cleans here.

Beach clean-ups not only help maintain healthy marine ecosystems but also impact the quality of human life. According to Ocean Refresh:

‘Coastal and marine waters support millions of jobs here in the UK. Tourism also contributes over £106 billion to the British economy annually – many of which come directly for individuals visiting coastal towns and beaches.’

Highlighting that there are scenarios where ocean pollution has directly local communities:

‘You need only look at the situation in Biscayne Bay Miami, to see the devastation of pollution, killing a vast amount of local produce and creating a dangerous habitat to drink and enjoy.’

How do I plan my own Beach Clean?

They also highlight if they are school-friendly, so if you’re a teacher looking to educate youngsters about taking care of our planet, there are some great options available to you here! 

The beach cleans organised by the Marine Conservation Society provides all the equipment needed however, you may also want to be aware of the following:

  • You should wear appropriate clothing and closed-toe footwear.
  • Bring sunscreen, even on an overcast day you can still burn.
  • A waterproof is essential as the weather is so unpredictable in the UK! 
  • Hand sanitiser to keep your hands nice and clean.
  • Plus snacks in case you get peckish!