September 09, 2019


Summer is drawing to a close and chillier days may be on the horizon but the weather has never dampened our desire to get outdoors.The votes are in and our Head Office team want to share their top 10 recommended exploits. Wherever your weekend takes you, September’s forecast is showing the promise of autumn adventures, rain or shine.

Happy Campers

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday and get off the grid with Glamping the Wight Way. Pictured in our latest brochure, we loved these canvas lodges in the Isle of Wight. Start your day slowly by curling up in a swinging chair on the porch with a cup of tea and picturesque countryside views. Get out and explore during the day then in the evening keep cosy and toast marshmallows by the fire and enjoying views of the clear night sky. It’s the perfect recipe for happy campers. 

Dog Days

Utter the word ‘walkies’ and tails start wagging; our four legged friends know how to show enthusiasm for a change of scenery. Treat yourself and your dog to a great day out and raise money for a good cause in the process with a Charity Dog Walk by Cancer Research. 

Coastal Escape

To us an autumnal coastal escape means choppy seas, the smell of salt and vinegar, and a portion of fish an chips warming our laps, before heading inside to the arcades for some old fashioned seaside fun. Rain or shine, we love to be by the seaside and think it’s never too chilly for an ice cream. 


Get back to nature with a foraging day. September is the perfect time for picking sloe berries if you fancy making your own sloe gin, or if you fancy making a jam or crumble, raspberries will also be ripe. For beginners, we’d recommend taking a course so you know what to look out for and to make sure you forage responsibly. It’s a way to have some outdoor fun and you’ll definitely appreciate the convenience of just being able to nip to the shops!

Westonbirt Arboretum is more than just your average botanical garden. As well as being surrounded by natural beauty, this dog friendly day out offers both running and walking routes as well as a fun play area, perfect for little adventurers. We’d recommend the STIHL Treetop Walkway that takes you up to the tree tops for a new kind of woodland walk. This walkway is also fully accessible for wheelchairs, prams, and mobility scooters. 

Wild Swimming

Wild swimming is all about leaving the wetsuit at home and enjoying an invigorating dip in a river, lake, or the sea. You may be thinking it will be too chilly in September but the cold offers great health benefits and gives people a happy buzz of endorphins. Just don your swimming costume - or for the more wild of you nothing at all - and take a refreshing dip!

Sounds like something you’ll love? Check Wild Swimming expert’s beginners guide.

Seas the Day

Seas the day with a boat trip out to Lundy Island. Enjoy a 2 hour boat ride out to the island - if you’re lucky and the weather is nice you may be accompanied by a friendly pod of dolphins! Enjoy the sea breeze and when you dock you can explore the small Island that boasts listed buildings and a backdrop of rugged natural beauty. Why wait for the weekend? 

Like a Fish on a Bicycle

Experience the countryside flying past you as you cycle through greenery. Pack a picnic and stop and enjoy lunch in a secluded area, perhaps on a riverbank or explore a small hideaway town and enjoy a nice - well earnt - cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake. On their trip to the Isle of Wight we rented bikes and explored the seaside before enjoying a hefty portion of guilt free chips! 

Pub Walks

At Weird Fish, we believe in ‘incensentivised walking’ meaning taking a nice country walking route and making sure you have some great local water holes at pit stops along the way! Spend an afternoon ambling across the hills and stop off to recoup with a couple of beers and a ploughmans, the perfect laidback autumn adventure. 

A Beach Day with a Twist

We love a day by the coast but this September is the perfect time to team up with the Marine Conservation Society for their 25th annual Great British beach clean so roll up your sleeves and keep our beaches beautiful. Taking place from the 14th - 17th September you can see if there is a local beach clean up near you or organise your own! 

Inflatable Fun

A 5k run just became a lot more fun! Did you ever watch those TV shows with the obstacle challenges and think, ‘pfft, I could do that!’ while stuffing a handful of crisps into your hand and taking another swig of beer? It’s time to see what you can do. The Inflatable 5K offers offers the challenge of 28 fun obstacles to overcome and is perfect for both adults and children. 

Wherever the weekend takes you this Autumn we hope that your adventures offer you that well needed escape from the daily grind. Our latest catch is online and instores now so browse and wear the weekend