The Weird Fish Darts Tournament

April 13, 2015

Dart BoardIf you follow our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will have seen that just before the Easter break we had ourselves a little darts tournament, here at the Weird Fish HQ.

We have been slowly building up a bit of a man cave in the chill out area of our building. It is a place away from the office, warehouse and canteen, which until recently only housed a pool table we had acquired from somewhere.

Some of the staff took it upon themselves to do it up and make it into a proper place where we can take our lunch breaks when it isn't quite nice enough to enjoy the garden.

So with a lick of paint, a sofa, a dart board and some decorations we now have ourselves a little purple haven.

Man cave

Man cave

man cave

We then thought we should make the most out of this new room, have a bit of fun and unite all the departments in a battle of skill.

With many of us having never played darts before or even knowing the rules, there were some interesting and rather long games. However this just added to the department bonding, so many of us were on a level playing field, it was all to play for.

28 of us entered into rounds of individual head to heads, stealing the odd 20 minutes to fit in a match, we were whittled down over 2 weeks to just 2.

Dan Darts

Gerald darts

Kelly Darts

Catherine Darts

Lance Darts

mood shot

So the finalists were Mike "The Scope" Scott and Ron "Maverick" Morris. A really well matched pair, who to be fair both owned their own darts and probably deserved to actually make it through to the end.

Darts final

The final took place after hours on the Thursday before the Easter break. We had lots of spectators and made a bit of an evening of it.



ron action

ron and mike

After a tense and very close match Maverick (Ron) was crowned champion, and issued a rather attractive trophy. Well done Ronny.

ron winningtrophy

Throughout the tournament there were prizes for the highest checkout and highest 3 dart score, which also happen to have been won by Ron and Mike between them, so they really were rather good.

ron handshake

mike handshake

mike winning

It was a great way to do a bit of team bonding, and a few new people have been introduced into the sport of darts.