Salty Sea Dog

May 05, 2015

IMG_20150415_114242This is Herb, one of two pups at Weird Fish HQ.  She is a 4 month old Vizsla, adorable, affectionate and completely mad.

Growing up in our home town of Cheltenham she has yet to experience the pleasure of salty sea air, so to put that right we took the caravan down to the south coast after Easter.

First up was the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, which is wonderfully dog-friendly. She was allowed everywhere except the main museum itself and the monorail – and as the only dog on site she didn’t have to share the oodles of attention she was receiving from all the other visitors.

The next two days were the cream of the week, the weather forecast had been spot on for once, so we made the most of it and hit the beach on both days.  First Hayling Island and then West Wittering, both of which allow dogs from October to April.

Here is Herb on Hayling Island:


What could be more pleasurable than digging a hole and then jamming your nose into it?

The sea was less enticing and she resorted to tip-toeing in the shallows and wondering why the children found it so exciting.


At West Wittering she found her sea legs and a combination of fine sand and extensive paddling left her looking like this:


On the way off the beach at the end of the afternoon she found a discarded ice cream cone, capping off a perfect day.

The lovely Herb will be back on the blog later in the year.