The 6th of September marks National Book Reading Day, not that we need a specific day to pick up a good book! Reading is not only enjoyable, it also has several benefits to our health. In this blog, we will share with you some of the health benefits of reading that will have you dashing to your bookshelf!

Reduces Stress

A study featured in the Journal of College Teaching and Leaning highlighted the health benefits of reading. Did you know 30 minutes of reading can reduce negative feelings as well as lower your heart rate and blood pressure just as much as yoga? So, if exercise isn’t your thing, pick up a good book and get reading!

Aids Sleep

Reading before bed is a great way to relax. Many people like to watch tv before bed, but the light emitted may actually be hindering your ability to fall asleep. Having a solid bed time routine, such as reading before bed, can help get your mind and body ready for rest. So, next time you feel like popping the tv on before bed, why not pick up a good book?!

Helps Prevent Cognitive Decline

Reading can help keep your mind fitter for longer. The earlier in your life that you start reading, the better. According to Rush University, those who have actively engaged in mentally stimulating activities, such as reading, were less likely to develop lesions and other growths found in the brains of those with dementia. Many Alzheimer studies have found that older people who engage in mentally stimulating activities such as reading and puzzle solving maintain and can even improve their cognitive function.