Hero of the Month April 2019

April 25, 2019

Each month we celebrate the weird and wonderful, from people who are key fundraisers in their community, to people with the coolest jobs. People that go outside the norm, swim against the shoal if you will, and do something fun or extraordinary.

This month we want to introduce a very special 8 year old Elizabeth Gadsdon, otherwise known as The Little Collector, who is tidying her neighbourhood in The Wirral.

My name is Elizabeth and I am 8, I want to help make Wirral a better place for everyone.

I pick litter up to protect our wildlife and oceans and to make the planet look like it should.

In April 2017 (when I was 6) I saw a man throw litter out of his car window, this really upset me... so I had to do something about it!

I want to teach people to stop dropping litter.

What first got you excited about picking up litter in your area?

Back in April 2017 I saw a man throw litter out of his car window. I was shocked that a grown man had no respect for his planet.

I was ‘excited’ to start picking up litter because I hoped it would set a good example to everyone and inspire them to care about our planet too.

aged 3.jpg

Elizabeth has been a Weird Fish fan since she was 3. 

How often do you go litter picking?

Now that I am in Junior school I can’t get out to litter pick every day. Homework happens! However I am out most weekends, half term holidays and big holidays.

On the first Sunday of the month I meet up with my Little Collector Crew’ to Keep Birkenhead Park Clean to protect the wildlife. 

some of her crew with park ranger laura and litter hero visitors (wayne and koda his dog!).jpg

What kind of rubbish do you find regularly?

On the streets I always find cans, plastic bottles, food wrappers, plastic straws, cigarettes and dog poo.

On the beaches I find all this and more... anything that gets flushed down the toilet can find itself on the beach. I am always collected plastic cotton bud sticks and sanitary products from the seaweed. Fishing line and nets get washed up too. 

What is the weirdest thing you have ever found?

The weirdest thing I ever found was a giant dinosaur slipper on a golf course!

monster slipper.jpg

Do other people collect the litter with you?

Most of my missions are solo (with a parent for safety!) or with my best friend Banjo the Labrador. Once a month I am with my whole Crew.


What areas have you cleaned up?

I clean up streets, parks and beaches near my home. Or anywhere I spot that needs a little bit of TLC.

What would you like to say to people who drop litter?

I don’t really like being negative and telling people off. I just want to inspire them and if it only makes a few people stop I think that’s good enough for me. I would love to see everyone get educated about how to treat our planet. 

What tips would you give to others who want to clean up their own town?

Just go out and do it. Every single person can make a difference. Don’t leave it to someone else.

What is your ideal weekend?

Going out on adventures with my family. Nothing fancy! Just fresh air, a ‘plastic free’ picnic and making memories.

elizabeth’s ocean plastic... can you recognise anything.jpg

I have 3 main missions!

  • To help keep the roads and beaches near my home as litter free as I can.
  • I am the founder of a children's litter picking crew! So I will work with my 'Little Collector Crew' and encourage them to keep places they love clean. I have helped the staff at Birkenhead Park by creating a 'Little Collector Crew' there to show everyone that children really care about our world...... it is ours to look after. 
  • To learn more about recycling, to reduce my families household litter, avoid plastic, never use single use plastic and educate other people.

My secret mission is to help make Wirral plastic straw free! 

Together we can make a difference 💖

save our seas.jpg

We hope Elizabeth has inspired you to go out in your local community and clean up the litter, or at least help educate others on how to keep the planet clean and healthy. If you want to follow The Little Collector's adventures you can find out more on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thelittlecollectorwirral/

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