Hero of the Moment 9th April 2020

April 09, 2020

We love something a bit different here at Weird Fish (our name says it all!) so our next Hero of the Moment goes to a hugely talented artist who’s taken his creativity to the next level.

Nathan Wyburn is a Welsh artist who’s known for creating fun and light-hearted celebrity portraits and pop culture imagery using non-traditional media, such as food and other household products – Mr Bean made of baked beans, Mary Berry made of strawberries…you get the picture!

Nathan knew he had to do something to mark the COVID-19 era with a more serious sentiment and was inspired by the overwhelming amount of work NHS staff were doing to help the thousands affected by the virus.

To show his gratitude in a way he knows best, Nathan decided to create a unique piece of artwork. He posted a Facebook message asking for NHS workers to send him their photos and was inundated with responses, with over 200 workers sharing snaps – from fun and happy group photos, to solo selfies and some in protective COVID-19 wear. 

Nathan created a digital collage, overlaying each image based on colour and tone, to depict a large picture of a nurse wearing a protective respiratory mask with the words ‘thank you’ marked at the bottom. The piece took around 4 hours to complete and received an overwhelming amount of praise across his social channels and the national media. As a proud patron of the Cardiff & Vale Health Charity, Nathan is discussing how the artwork can be used to benefit the charity and its beneficiaries.

Hats off to Nathan and his amazing talent – there’s no ‘trout’ about it! https://www.instagram.com/p/B-VOvAVHMxM/