Hero of the Moment 30th March 2020

March 30, 2020

This month, as everyone has been wrapped up in such uncertain times, we’ve decided to highlight a number of groups and individuals who have done fantastic work in supporting their local community. These are people that have made a difference to those who need it most and who’ve been truly inspiring to others, which is what we love to promote here at Weird Fish. Besides, with a great many of us at home trawling through the internet, there’s nothing like reading a feel-good story to brighten up the day.

First up, we’re clapping our fins in appreciation for the Cheltenham Mutual Aid COVID 19 group. We’re all for supporting our local community and these guys are doing an amazing job in helping support those most vulnerable in their area.

Started up by Tabitha Joy, the group is reaching out to those in need and calling on local heroes to volunteer their help, setting up various activities to support vulnerable and isolated community members. From organising lovely card drop offs to local care homes, to delivering supplies to people who can’t leave their homes, group members have been going above and beyond to show residents that they’re there for them during this difficult period.

The group has over 500 members already and wonderful messages of support have been pouring in for them – it’s a truly inspiring group and we’re fully behind them! You can find more information about the Cheltenham Mutual Aid COVID 19 group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/288270262159030/members/