Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just enjoy getting outdoors and exploring nature, we have put together our tried and tested favourite walking and hiking apps, great for your next adventure. Our new Adventure Awaits collection is perfect for the great outdoors, made out of Bamboo fibre, it is UV resistant, moisture wicking and super soft.

Traditional map reading is a real skill and takes a lot of wrong turns and ending up in the wrong place to develop the necessary skills to understand and read maps. This is why we are so pleased there are so many great apps you can have with you on the go, rather than having to pull out a broadsheet map!

OS Maps App

It comes as absolute no surprise that Ordnance Survey have their own digital map reading platform available online or as an app. There are both free and paid versions of OS Maps with a range of features that make map reading a breeze for beginners and seasoned readers.

We’ll be talking about the free version, however, with OS Maps Premium you do get additional features such as being able to print from a web browser and augmented reality with the app.

The free version of the app allows you to plan your own routes as well as finding pre-existing routes, great for those days when you want to explore somewhere new.

The maps themselves are available in aerial view and you can also access a night map, 250k road map and the greenspace maps, they identify places of interest, allowing you to explore some new landmarks on your travels around the great British countryside with its 500,000+ routes.

Kamoot App

Kamoot brands itself as the app that has everything you need to get outdoors and on your next adventure. It is designed for cycling, motorbiking and cycling, it is a dedicated route planning and navigation app. The app combines all your favourite outdoor trails and routes for trail running, mountain biking, hiking and more all in one place, it allows you to create routes by stringing together pre-existing trails and the app helps guide you, so no chance in taking a wrong turn. Other super cool and handy features you can find on Kamoot is the ability to create a route and download an offline version for free, the routes you create you can share on social media.

Much like OS Maps there is also a paid version that allows you to explore outside your selected region, in the free version of Kamoot you can only access one region’s routes. Like OS it also has a web desktop version you can use to plan your routes. 

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All Trails App

An app designed for country ramblings, All Trails makes it possible to create and follow your own routes like Kamoot and OS Maps. Our favourite feature of the All Trails app is that is has a collection of almost 6,000 walks in England alone, simply enter your location and it will provide you with a range of pre-existing, ready made routes.  All Trails is super easy to use, it even tells you the difficulty level of the route which is great for those just getting into walking and wandering around the countryside. Another fun feature is that All Trails also gives you useful information on the walks, for example, if the route is dog friendly and a weather forecast!

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