Sustainability is at the heart of Weird Fish. Using sustainable fabrics is part of our mission to be a lean, green business machine! There is a lot to know about Bamboo, it’s more than just a Panda’s favourite snack, but is also an eco-friendly fabric that grows at a whopping rate of 12 inches per day!

Here are five benefits of bamboo clothing, you’ll be happy to hear.

Hello UV Protection

It has natural UV protection, filtering up to 97.5% of UV rays that can damage your precious skin. It the perfect fabric for those brighter sunlit days.

No more Sweat

Man doing yoga wearing bamboo clothing

Sweat-resistant fabrics are becoming more and more popular! Bamboo absorbs moisture more than cotton, without holding onto any odour, meaning no more embarrassing sweat marks!

Our eco-friendly fabrics are great for the everyday, wear them at the gym, at home and when running round doing errands, you’ll look great and be SO comfortable!

Eco-friendly Fabric

It is good to know that your clothing choices are having a positive impact on the planet. Our Bamboo clothing is produced in India and the process uses much kinder methods than other processes used on more traditional fabrics.

Bamboo is Super Soft

In comparison to other textiles it is unbelievable soft – it really is! The super-smooth structure of bamboo fibres is what helps create that super cosy feeling we all know and love!

Fresh and So Clean

Hypoallergenic and thermal regulated, it is your skins best friend. Our Brilliant Bamboo range is great for those with sensitive skin. It is sweat-resistant, keeping you so fresh and so clean!  

Find out more about our sustainable efforts by having a read of our ethical policy.

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