Easter Sock Bunny

April 09, 2020

Step 1

Find a lonely single sock (or choose a pair and make twins). We suggest a Weird Fish sock of course. Fill it with rice, grain, grit, whatever you have to hand, to just above where the ankle starts, leaving around four fingers space at the top. We used a tape roll to hold the sock open for ease. Cat involvement not recommended! 

Step 2

Pinch the top closed and tie this off with some thread, string or even an elastic band. Make sure this is nice and tight as this is going to keep your filling in. 

Step 3

Pinch just below the ankle, this will form the neck. Tie off with some string, thread or an elastic band again, this doesn’t have to be as tight as the top knot, it is just to form the general shape of your bunny. We then like to take a nice piece of ribbon and tie that around the neck.

Just play around with how to sit your rabbit, he should be quite floppy but able to sit up.

Step 4

You should see that the heel has formed a sort of natural face as it sticks out a little. Here you can take a marker pen and draw your bunny’s face. A cross works really well for the mouth, but you can play around with whatever expression you feel fits your bunny.

Step 5

Now pay attention to the ankle fabric that you have sticking out of the top, above your first tie, this is going to be your ears. So carefully cut this part in two down the centre, feel free to cut into points, leave more square, have one longer than the other, the choice is yours, these ears will show your own bunny’s personality.

Step 6

Your bunny is good to go on an Easter adventure. You could make a whole family, we think they look really fun in a patterned sock, and it is a great way to save those poor single socks that have lost their friend. 

We would love to see yours, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures.

You can also see our how to make video in our Happy Hour highlights on Instagram @WeirdFishLtd