Behind the Scenes of the Summer 2016 Photo Shoot

May 09, 2016

The location for our Spring/Summer 2016 campaign took us to the well visited island of Gran Canaria.

We spent a lot of our time enjoying the utterly amazing Maspalomas sand dunes. We were told by our guide that the dunes were created hundreds of years ago, when strong winds carried the sand from Morocco to the location. We are not sure how true this is, but the winds are constantly moving the dunes, and they are now in a more southerly location than they were 40 years ago.



For a bit of fun we took along a one of a kind kite we had made up with the Weird Fish logo on it. It was much harder to fly a kite than most of us remember as kids, and there was a a few tangling incidents before we got it going. Thank you to Peter Powell Kites for making this one up for us.


The long trek over the dunes with all the kit in the hot sun was a real endurance test.

IMG-20160130-WA0009 On the way to the perfect spot

IMG-20160130-WA0034 And the way back

The next day we found some amazing natural pools up in the north in Agaete.


As we broke for lunch, a very kind local was good enough to let us use his house as a base. He didn't speak a word of English but we manged to communicate with some broken Spanish. He was such a lovely chap we just had to thank him with a T-Shirt. He was genuinely touched and then tried giving us chocolates and biscuits as we left.


After a few more hours shooting in the back streets, we ended the day in a wonderful, quiet little area around the side of a cliff. We watched the sun set over the sea as we shot the last few outfits.


We did have to share the ledge with a few tourists though, we didn't know if the attraction was the sunset or our shenanigans.


The long day proved too much for some of the team, and a little power nap was required on the way home.


On the last day we headed up into the mountains in search for epic views, we were definitely not disappointed.


The altitude may have got to us a little though.


Then we had fun recreating our iconic Tallahasse dress shot. It isn't hard to see why this fun jersey beach dress has been our best seller all season.


WF_SS16_GRAN_CANARIA_20_0026 Triinu explaining her last on screen Weird Fish partner to Louis.

The final location took us to a very secluded beach, not accessible by car, so we grabbed everything we could carry and headed over the rocks to the beach to get some shots in the waves.

WF_SS16_GRAN_CANARIA_26_0038 This almost ended in tears and very soggy shorts.


We found the beach was home to a family of sea cats, (if this is such a thing)

20160129_135853 Can you spot him?


It was a fantastic end to the shoot, again getting a chance to photograph the last few outfits as the sun set over the sea.


We had a wonderful time creating an adventure for our Weird Fish models, we hope you all enjoyed the Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue and online shop. We will be back with stories from the next season.