Adventures for All!

April 18, 2019

You know we believe that weekends are about kicking back and escaping the daily grind. Sometimes we like to just curl up and relax, other times we like to embrace our sense of adventure. We asked around the team to find out what everyone’s favourite ‘Adventure Weekends’ are and we think our roundup has something for everyone. 

Symonds Yat Canoeing:

Take to the water and explore River Wye via canoe at Symonds Yat West, situated in the heart of Wye Valley, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. River Wye is the UK's fifth-longest river, it forms part of the border between England and Wales. Discover the rolling hills and woodlands from the unique perspective of the river.

Why we love this adventure:

●Family friendly

●Great for Celebrations

●Dogs are welcome! 

Greenwood Family Park:

Greenwood Family park in North Wales has been listed by The Guardian as one of the top 7 green attractions in the world. Since opening in the 1993 they have planted an average of 500 trees a year. This eco-friendly park offers a range of rides, activities, shows and provides a fun, ethical day out for all the family.

Why we love this adventure:


●Picnic areas

●The Park covers 17 acres

Dogs are welcome if kept on a lead

Gloucester Cheese Rolling:

Gloucester is a short drive away from our Head Office in Tewkesbury and their annual Cheese Rolling is the perfect weird and wonderful day out. Spectators flock to see the world-famous action on Cooper’s Hill. The challenge? Run down the steep slope of Cooper’s Hill. The prize? A weighty 8lb Double Gloucester. Health and safety is a risk, so this may be more of a spectators sport!

Why we love this adventure:

●Great for cheese lovers

●Hilarious footage

●Beautiful views 

Rock Climbing at Mount Snowdon:

For those who are adventurous by nature, we’d recommend rock climbing at Mount Snowdon. Beautiful views come as a guarantee and there are a range of courses available so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro you’ll find the right challenge for you.

Why we love this adventure:

●A physical challenge

●Beautiful views of Mount Snowdon

●Fun in the great outdoors 

A Walking Tour in Peebles:

Take a trip to Peebles and explore the beautiful expanse that is the Scottish Borders. There are 10 routes available covering a range of different abilities. Stop and do some fishing in the River Tweed or pop into the town and stop in one of the local haunts for a tea and a guilt free slice of cake.

Why we love this adventure:

●A range of walks for different abilities

●Peebles offers dog friendly accommodation

●Beautiful views

Love these suggestions? If you do, send us in a picture of you enjoying your adventure for a chance to win an exclusive Weird Fish treat. Or, post on our Facebook page if there are any other weekend adventures you’d recommend. However you choose to spend your time, wear the weekend your way with Weird Fish clothing.