Active Life Blog

May 15, 2020


Life is a bit strange at the moment but here at Weird Fish we love to look at the positives. We are all finding more fun and interesting ways to stay fit and healthy during this time, and when our brand new Active Life range landed, we thought it was the perfect time to try it out for ourselves! So with the help of some bloggers and some of our very own Weird Fish shoal, we all tried out some of the pieces from this new range; including a fresh new spin on our much loved Macaroni sweatshirts, and our latest, eco-friendly bamboo fabric, here is how we got on.

Helier: Blogger @Garden_Goodess_UK 

"Every morning, I take my excited dogs for a good brisk walk in the woods, then back home for some gardening, or just to cut myself some flowers for a treat. I might even do a bit of outdoor yoga. The new Active Life range is really lovely for all these activities, I find myself wearing it all day."

Rose: Blogger @Rose.Marie.Outdoors

"I love the Weird Fish Active Life range – the material is great quality and the products are such a comfortable fit! I’ve found that the Tamra leggings are great for any activity I’m doing, and I love the print design. The best part is that the Active Life range offers both shorts and leggings options, meaning I can be out and active no matter what the weather is doing."

Harrison: Blogger @FellFoodie

"Life is a little different right now but it’s so important to still keep active for physical and mental health. Whether it’s out for our daily outdoor exercise or workouts at home, the new Active Life range allows for great movement during all activities."

Fleur: Blogger @FleurVerhoek

"It’s so refreshing to work out in the back garden, I love feeling the fresh air while I work out, the new Active Life range makes it even more comfortable with breathable bamboo material."

Yazmine: Friend of the Shoal

"My favourite items are the Macaroni sweatshirts, they are so comfortable and flattering. The bamboo clothing is so soft and it also really complements me. I love the leggings, they sit really nicely and as I am not used to this material I did not think they would look so good without being the typical lycra type material. I have been wearing these clothes most days since I have received them and so comfortable to exercise in or to take the dogs out for their walks."

Will: Friend of the Shoal

"The bamboo material is so soft and I love the colour. The shorts really go with my style as I do like colourful clothing and the T-Shirts fit nicely too. I can work out and look stylish at the same time."

John: Weird Fish Head Honcho

"The Evander shorts are great, really versatile and with two zippped pockets. The bamboo T-Shirts are lightweight and cool so are good for cycling, jogging or even for layering up. Also you can see the Zeus Polo isn't just for the Gods!"

Alex: Weird Fish Coding King

"I like running sometimes and the T-Shirt and shorts are very lightweight making them ideal. I also like wearing these as general summer get-up, as they feel good and are the right things to wear to stay cool on hot days."

Dan: Weird Fish Word Gaffer

"Loving the new Active Life range, perfect for lockdown exercising! I took mine on a walk over the hills, the bamboo fabric is super comfy and ideal for the hike, and the Mac Active added a perfect layer as the sun dropped."

Rosie: Weird Fish Arty Type

"I love active wear that is comfy and fits well for when I am exercising. When I practice gymnastics and yoga, I like to wear bamboo which is mega stretchy, allowing me to get flexible and go upside-down without anything moving out of place. I try to buy sustainable clothing so I live that the fabric is better for the planet."

Naomi: Weird Fish Social Addict

"I have actually really enjoyed increasing my home activity levels during lockdown. I am missing being able to do aerial training so am improvising with some simple gym equipment. This new bamboo fabric is so soft it is really comfortable to wear for any of the activities I have been trying out. From the pull up bar and TRX to the swiss ball, the materials of the leggings move with me and are so comfy I don't want to take them off! I love the details such as the cross over strap on the Artemis vest, and the thumb holes on the Hera jumper."