The year is coming to an end, which can leave many of us wondering what is in store for us in the New Year. According to YouGov, 12% of Britons made New Year’s resolutions for 2020 and well, 2020 and 2021 were slightly odd years, so here is hoping for a more normal 2022. Here are a few tips for setting New Year resolutions you can stick to.

1) Set realistic and obtainable goals, resolutions you know you have a chance at sticking to.

2) Set monthly resolutions rather than annual, this breaks down your goals so you’re not trying to everything at once, making you more likely to achieve them.

3) Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, if it doesn’t all go to plan, it is ok!

4) Find friends or family that have made the same resolution. Do the activity together, this will help you be accountable.

5) Don’t set vague or overly broad resolutions for example, ‘going to the gym’ isn’t going to make you want to make it a regular part of your lifestyle. Set yourself a clear goal ‘go to the gym three times a week after work,’ you will find this easier to stick to.

6) Help yourself along the way. If we use the example above, say you’re going to drive to and from work, pop your gym kit in a bag in the car so you can drive straight from work to the gym rather than stopping off at home to get changed.

7) Don’t give up if you don’t do the goal you have set yourself 100% of the time. If you go to the gym only once that week because you’re not feeling great or life is a little hectic, just make sure you get back into the routine next week. Don’t just think you didn’t do it one week, so the resolution has been broken and you don’t need to try anymore! It is all about forming a habit.