If you want to become an ethical shopper, this is your go to guide!

We live in a world where every decision you make requires some thinking. You may question ‘should I book that last minute holiday?’ Or ask, ‘where are my clothes made?’ and ‘are my fashion choices sustainable?’ It is a never ending cycle, that’s why we are sharing with you five things you can do to shop more ethically!

Do your research

Look at what brands and organisations are doing to try and improve their carbon footprint and ensure that their clothing is sourced and made ethically.

At Weird Fish we are always on the look out to make our clothing even more sustainable and ethical. We ensure the workers in our factories are given good working conditions, accommodation and a good quality of life. We have taken steps to move to more sustainable fabrics and materials such as coconut shell buttons, changing from regular cotton to organic cotton in a range of our most popular products such as the Tallahassee eco dress and our graphic artist t-shirts. Weird Fish are using other eco-friendly fabrics such as Bamboo and Tencel to make clothes!

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Women wearing an eco-friendly dress

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Read the label

When shopping for clothing in person, always read the label! On the label you will find all the important information you need to know such as where the item of clothing has been made and what it is made out of e.g. 100% organic cotton. It is also handy to find other information about your product such as wash care.

When it comes to shopping for food check if the item you’re purchasing has been grown locally and if it is sustainably sourced. This leads us perfectly on to our next point…

Look for Organic and Fairtrade products

It may not always be possible to purchase organic or Fairtrade products, if there is an option that has a better impact on the planet, you should take it!

Buying Fairtrade products is helping to prevent poverty in less developed countries, ensuring that workers are getting a fair wage for the food they grow and the products they produce. There are over 6,000 Fairtrade products, including all the yummy stuff we have often like chocolate, bananas, coffee and wine, it is an easy trade to make so look out for the Fairtrade label when you next do your food shop!

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By classic and quality items you know you will love from years to come.

An easy way to become a more ethical shopper is to buy items that you know you will continue to love and stray away from fast fashion pieces that you’ll only wear a handful of times. At Weird Fish we create products that are hardwearing, eco-friendly and stay on trend for years to come. From nautical stripes, classic check patterns and plain clothing, each season we create pieces that can be worn throughout the years and are transitional through the seasons.

Don’t let it go to waste

According to WRAP, £140 million pounds worth of clothing is sent to landfill every year in the UK – a shocking figure. So what can you do to reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfill?

  • You can recycle your old clothing, give it to a friend, a local charity shop or make something completely new out of it. We love this tutorial on how to make a bag from old denim jeans!

Instead of leaving food to go to waste, why not try and plan your meals to contain similar ingredients? Check out Tesco’s meal planner, it will give you all the tips and tricks to get ahead of the game, making meal times easier!

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