According to The Sill, having a plant in your home has more benefits than simply adding that Pinterest and Instagram vibe to your kitchen. Studies have shown that there’s a shed load of benefits of having plants in your home, from boosting your mood and productivity, to absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.  Here are three funky tropical plants you can grow indoors which we know you’ll love!

Lucky Bamboo

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The origins of Lucky Bamboo are very interesting, Lucky Bamboo has been used for over 5,000 years in the traditional Chinese practice of Feng Shui. It is believed that the plant brings health, love and luck to those who possess it – hence the name Lucky Bamboo!

Lucky Bamboo is a very easy plant to grow indoors because it needs very little light, making it a good option for the lazier of us who are looking to grow plants at home. This type of Bamboo can actually grow in water, if you’re Lucky Bamboo is in water, make sure you change the water every two to four weeks. If you decide to grow your Bamboo in soil, it needs to be kept moist!

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Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise truly is a Garden of Eden worthy plant, it is stunning and flowers beautifully. Did you know that it is actually a very easy plant to care for and grow? This plant requires at least six hours of sun a day, including direct sunlight and a little TLC such as watering and repotting when necessary. It is a very low maintenance plant. During the hotter months (Spring and Summer) it is recommended to keep the soil consistently moist, spraying with water and in dormant periods when the Bird of Paradise isn’t flowering to water once a month or allowing the top 5cm of soil to completely dry out between watering.

Spider Plant

One of the most adaptable indoor plants is the spider plant also known as Chlorophytum Comosum. This plant is able to grow in a wide range of conditions, making it a great plant to grow indoors and for those lacking a green thumb. All they need is bright, indirect light and well-drained soil to flourish. Water well but not too often, if the soil becomes soggy it can leads to problems such as root rot. Spider plants are best to be left to ‘dry out’ between watering, meaning the soil should be dry the next time you go to water your spider plant.

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